The Animation Source Website
We have created this site with the aim that it is the central hub for the Animation Industry globally.

How this website came to be ...
Having worked in the Animation Industry for years, we know and understand many of the good and bad times that we can all experience. We know first hand how hard it can be to procure new projects and hope for the second series!
I always saw the lack of a directory in the 80's, in London and lists were used between companies. By 1995 I felt that a directory was really needed. A paper one was started through the union but I felt that an online facility would be more useful as it would keep in tune with the fast changes that this industry experiences. So in 1999 I started what has become a long road. Through several database disappointments we are now developing the online database in-house which we feel will be far better in thelong run and we can most importantly tune it to the needs of the industry. Please be patient while we develop this area.

Helping everyone to communicate brings the key to much knowledge and ongoing benefits. Since much of this industry is made up of the smaller organisations, keeping costs to an absolute minimum would be more helpful to the industry as a whole. Our aim is to provide as many facilities for free, or at minimum cost. We have already received many supportive compliments, so we hope that you too like what we are doing.

Animation Source
The source of resources, to the animation industry.
Whilst we expect to retain some information here on this site, we are in principle acting as a hub of information, so, you can use us as a spring board, to locate the required service, product or information. If you have some knowledge, that could be useful to many, then let us know, and we link to it or put it up online.

If you have a query then just ask, (anonomous if you wish), the replies placed online will enable everyone to benefit from the accumulated information.

To make this site efficient we have not used many graphics or fancy furnishings, this helps you to rapidly download information. As technology speeds up and our abilities improve too, we will constantly be making improvements to the site.
The animation that is held on Animation Source and all associated websites, will help the whole Globe become aware of the quality and achievements that are being made today.
All businesses need to develop and grow, and we are no exception. By providing this web site we hope to collate the entire Animation Industry (in time), to the mutal benefit of all.

We are determined that this site will be a great success, so we are always looking to develop what we have, and to create new concepts. So let us know what you would find helpful. Keep us updated with your developments, ideas and successes, let us help you to promote your business or service.

Claire Armstrong is the Proprietor of this site.
Claire has run her own animation business since 1995 after working very successfully as an animator in London and Manchester. She is an exceptionally experienced animator in both 2d and 3d. Claire began her career in central London in 1983. Many of the productions have won awards, including a BAFTA in 1987.

We thank you for your visit and hope that you will call again soon, and remember,
if you like what you see tell others, if you don't then tell us ...
or tell us anyway!

Claire Armstrong
Animation Source