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Items for SALE
Under 500 UK Pounds - any item with a value less than 500 UK pounds (inc) can be advertised for sale for FREE here until sold.
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Items for SALE
Greater Than 500 UK pounds - if the item is greater than 500 UK pounds, then for a one off cost of just 10 UK pounds, you can advertise it here - until sold.
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Are you looking for an item/s. Place your request for FREE (no limits other than you must be involved in the Animation Industry). If you want a whole page for your advert then a one off price of 50 UK pounds. Individual goods/items only.

For Sale
Date Entered Item / Price (or SWAP - What Have You) Contact Details

Date Entered Item (or SWAP - What Have You) Contact Details
01.01.2001 'Timing for Animation' by John Haalas & ?
was out of print...
C Armstrong
+44 (0) 1862 832001