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1. Send us your logo to be used to identify your organisation in the Market Place, and tell us where you would like to be located.

2. Send us your full web address that you wish us to direct our visitors to. Perhaps to a page designed specifically to attract animation individuals or companies to your products & services. This will also help you to identify how many Animation Source visitors are linking to your site.

3. Send us your prepared 'single webpage', & all necessary contents, or the address to it, if you wish.

4. Include your remittance of 85 (pounds sterling or your Countries equavilant) for the 12 month period (or appropriate amount when paying quarterly, monthly or annually). If paying by credit or debit card please contact us with the details. (Phone +44 (0) 1862 83 2020 or Fax +44 (0) 1862 83 2002 email sales@animationsource.net) or goto How Much for further details.